….I finally did it, Im Gonna play at the Hotel CafĂ©. On June 2..
Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this show, probably because it’s been so long since I’ve put myself out there like this. But there’s something to be said for gestation. Im feeling renewed and ready to share these songs from my new record All Of Nature- A collection of social commentary to music.

Yeah I made an album, I know thats so passé but l love a chunky body of work.
Apparently we gots to go one at a time tho. So my lovely new manager Mike Gormley and I have decided ‘God – (Bill Maher don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater)’ is the the first song to released.

….This could be a little risky because it’s not exactly an up and perky number…

. …..What it is, is a 4 min post-atheist commentary, deconstructing and reconstructing the concept of God, in song form. No heaviness there.

Here’s my insta-reasoning. These are divisive times, and gosh I love this tiny ball of mud in space that holds all evidence of everything we have ever known. But a deep polarization in the populace is spoken about now, at a time when humanity does not have time for ridiculous trivialities.
Squabbling, is one such ridiculous triviality.

I know war has been fought since the beginning of humanity, and people argue that war is human nature. Inevitable. …..And I say it is not.

It is a choice, now, and I am looking for ways that truly bring us together beyond the micro aggressions.The beacon of compassion, gratitude, and empathy that pulls us toward the best qualities of being human. Choosing love and connectivity.

Traditionally the word that we have to describe this, the vibration we make at the back of our throat that we assign to this, is God.
There are so many paths, names, experiences and definitions of this word worldwide. Yet there can only be one God …….right…. ?

…so in a way this song is saying “come on let us wrest this concept back from religion, who no longer have the monopoly over defining the infinite, the esoteric, the invisible, the unexplainable, the unquantifiable. We got this.
My being is a vessel, a canvas a kernel of the Oneness, and this is the same for all of us. So let’s feel it, invite it, this presence, moving planets pumping hearts.

We live in the land of the first amendment, in many places in the world a woman making such suggestions would be stoned for blasphemy.
That’s why it’s the right song to put out first.

I think religious people will like, it I think atheists can’t argue with it, and because so many people are on the fence about God, recovering from a shitty dogmatic religious upbringing, we need new vocabulary that helps us move on.

So come to the show.
You know sometimes the key to a great gig (assuming One’s material is not rubbish) is great sound. Live mixing and acoustics are so important and I love this venue for that feature.

Blessings , be in the joy