I need your help!  Please read on if you can ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in helping me get my my new project out there!


Hi Everyone. As some of you may know I have just spent the last 3 years making a record. It has been an amazing process. Now it is time to release it. This is a very independent project and in lue of a marketing plan or budget, I need your help to get it out there. I am relying on word of mouth cos that’s what I gots!

Here’s my plan.  Every Monday starting in June 20th am going to release a new song on a bandcamp link that will be posted on my social media accounts and my website (sheilanicholls.com).

This will create a small period of time of exclusivity and focus.  A song a week will take 13 weeks since that’s how many tracks there are.

After that the record will be set free into the ether and available on itunes and the like.  Read More >>

I have come to the personal conclusion that ‘consciousness is a bigger crucible than matter’ what do you think about the statement?

What are your practices for moving through re-triggered trauma?
Is human nature malleable or static?
When you feel into the possibility and potential of humanity, what is your grandest vision?

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