I am so blessed to have had powerful sisters woven through the fabric of my life. Until I had my daughter I had been with no blood family in America for 17 years, only to say the women I have met throughout this journey are vital connections to me. We have a different relationship. Fluidly moving between the roles of daughter, mother and grandmother, as we share a freedom and kinship in these times, that has essentially been denied to us for thousands of years. Women, who like I believe in the community of sisterhood, the power of the feminine, and that ultimately our coming together will have a lot to do with whether our species thrives in the long run. One such amazing sister is Reirani, and in here lies the story of this song. I rarely co-write, but the majority of this lyric is from a Facebook entry she wrote after we were both at a festival listening to Deva Premal and Mitten. Some people feel the pain of the devastation of the earth more than others. I for one have always taken it very personally, because there is no separation, we are her and she us. I feel her as a living entity, which, as I have discovered along my travels, is not dissimilar to many native and indigenous traditions. As soon as I read my Maori sister’s words they felt so perfectly eloquent; giving voice to how so many of us feel about the gaudy and disgraceful way we continue to rape, molest and dominate our beautiful planet. I found myself immediately singing them and asked her permission to fashion them into a song.

For many years it was my truth that we had passed critical mass. That the exponential curves of destruction, population growth, carbon in the atmosphere coupled with the silly self indulgent political and corporate yak yak of whether human’s are responsible or not. And even tho I think this is still possibly the case, I have personally found a silver lining. As we as a species continue to get beyond the ramifications of the silly mythology that we are somehow the centre of the universe, and without suggesting I believe in little green men, I do think it is is extremely likely that life exists beyond our particular ball of mud in space.

Water has been discovered to be the true interplanetary traveler, and the understanding of habitable zones around stars. The images of billions of stars in our galaxy, the billions of galaxies in our expanding universe that the Hubble telescope has brought us, It is a logical and mathematical probability takes me there. If this is true of course our deep existential longing would be delusional.

Rape culture is real, how do you find healing, or do you?

Is there an end to ignorance and greed?

The dominant culture has done its best to annihilate indigenous wisdom, do you have a favorite indigenous teacher and/or teaching that has helped offer perspective and personal healing? Please share.

Is there a way for capitalism to evolve into a sustainable system? What does that look like?

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