Songs From the Bardo

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released August 4, 2009
thankyou to everyone for being patient, to lynne earls and jez colin for consistency and coming through, and all the amazing players who lent their talents to this record. I deeply appreciate all your contributions. to my sweet Al and amazing milly, without whom I would just be jangling in the wind.

My new CD, Songs from the Bardo… is a collection of songs mostly written and recorded over the last five years. With help of my now good friend Lynne Earls (pro tools queen), Jez Colin and some of the same great musicians, Luis Conte, Matt Chamberlain plus a bunch of amazing Brazilians in particular Andre de Santana, on bass. The songs range from completely acoustic to studio produced but all seem to sit in the strongest belief I hold true, that love is not a cliché but actually the most radical and potent untapped solution, and should be applied now in all directions before we no longer have a choice.

In this sphere many of the songs endeavor to reunite the micro with the macro, the intimate with the big picture, hope with the inconsolable (where none are afraid) coping mechanisms when love hits schisms (bardo) mantras to stave off frustration during the bush era (lay low) honest straight up political and social commentary (natural law and pointless tackles vision and pinking up) dropping first world facade in favour of the elemental (simplify) and unapologetic unadulteratedly abandoned love songs (city between and mighty love, celery bay)


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released September 1, 2002
Produced by Sheila Nicholls and Glen Ballard

“Inevitably the label was after a ‘radio friendly’ record, Wake was definitely a larf to record, suddenly every thing got real big sounding. Glen Ballard produced a good number of tunes bringing in some sweet players like Mike Elizondo on bass and Matt Chamberlain on drums. Again touring extensively in the US, opening for KD Lang in Europe, and playing the tonight show with Jay Leno.” SN

Brief Strop

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released June 1, 1999
all songs written by sheila nicholls
medusa written by sheila and james harrah
hannah by sheila and david barlow /h6>

“”This was an independently recorded piano vocal record. When Hollywood picked it up they wanted me to re-record the whole thing. I didn’t care for the Disney aesthetic so I said no but we added a few over-dubbed instruments. It went top ten in the US college radio charts and Fallen For You was featured in the film and on the soundtrack of High Fidelity. I toured extensively across the US.”